Is it possible to export the white pages directories to Excel spreadsheet?

If a person wants to record the contact information, then they can use the White Pages directory in this link. It is one of the significant sources for getting the contact information of a person. The business owners are not required to pay any fees for gaining access. The contact information of the person can be used for marketing campaigns and the selection of the targeted market. The person has to search the name of the person in the directory, and all the information will be available to them.

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Along with the customers, it helps in finding the business on the Internet. The use of the directory is easy and providing comfort to the person. The information is displayed immediately after the search done through the person. For contact information, it is not possible to open the directory always. The business person can export the pages in the Microsoft excel for convenience. The transfer can be done in a single click.

Exporting of the White Pages directory to excel spreadsheet 

Over time, the Internet is helping the person in every single aspect. The contact information of the targeted market or business can be known in just a single click. The White Pages directory is showing a wide range of information for a unique name. The business person can copy the details from the directory and paste them in the spreadsheet. It will help in easy access over the contact information of a different person.

However, the copying of single person information in the excel sheet is a time-consuming process. The work can be done in a smart way. White page extraction software will help in exporting the sheets in the Microsoft office excel. The transfer will be done of all the contact information in just a single click. It eliminates the requirement of manual transfer of the pages. Access to thousands of contact information is provided in the Excel spreadsheet of the person. The duplication of the contacts will be reduced. The manual entry of the information was hard for the person. The white page extraction software has provided ease in the work of the business person.