The four best functions that a triathlon watch must have

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Many athletes think that they have the triathlon watch, it is enough for them, but until the watch doesn’t have the necessary functions, it will not help them properly. Therefore it is imperative to look at the required functions into your watch. The best watch for triathlon is which can efficiently and accurately count the laps, steps, heartbeats, and many more essential things of workout. When you are running, then it really matters that how much distance you have covered because to cover a range within a specific period will matter in triathlon, so use a watch that can inform you precisely about time and distance. 

Four functions that you must look into your triathlon watch   

If you are an athlete and going to purchase a watch, then always look at some essential attributes in it. These attributes will help you in getting the right training for the competition. Some of the crucial features that every sportsperson should have in the watch.

  • Large number size

The best watch for triathlon can be the one that has a large number size. If you cannot see the number precisely while running, then there is no benefit to the watch. It is essential to know how many meters you have covered while running or cycling. If your watch shows the covered distance in a large number, then it becomes easy to know the precise distance.

  • Size of buttons

You may think that the size of the button is not essential, but it matters because it provides you the comfort in accessing the other features. Most athletes prefer to have a watch that comes with a touch screen along with buttons.

  • Water Proof

The third important feature is water resistance; the best watch for a triathlon is entirely waterproof. When a sportsperson is going swimming, then a water resistance watch will help- in the best way.

  • Laps time and splits time

The watch that shows the laps and splits time, you should buy to prefer that one. Splits time will help to improve the performance; it is always necessary to exceed the limit.

These are four features or attributes that a sports watch must contain.