What is the procedure of making law and implementing it? The answer is right here:-

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The act of making law starts when some unfair practices are going against the people, and the government takes a step to make these wrongs right. Some prisons take care of people who don’t follow the rules, and this can be verified via the prison directory.

How does the law-making process start?

It starts with the formation of a bill that states the problems citizens are facing and the relevant solution to it. This is the raw form of the law that is about to be made a draft to be specific.  This bill then goes through both the houses of the parliament. To let it pass to the highest authorities of the country, it is necessary for the law to get the majority of votes by the people of both the houses. If it does happen, and the bill gets passed by the houses and the highest authority as well, it becomes a law.

This is how a law is formed; let us now move on to the process that involves the implementation and enforcement of the law:

By the term implementation, it is meant that the code is released in public, the reasons behind the formation of it are revealed, and the benefits of implementing it are delivered to the people conveniently. This doesn’t take much effort as it is the people who feel the need for new laws or modifications in the previous one to make life easy for them. A code that is made is useless until all the citizens of a nation follow it.

Enforcement of the law requires a team of law enforcement agents.

These agents are spread at each level, which is local, state, and federal. They make sure that people abide by the law, and if they don’t, they have the right to punish them.