Christelyn Karazin- the women behind the pink pill

The pink pill is a trending course these days in the community of black women. The course is made for the self-improvement of black women across the world. Christelyn Karazin starts the course, she is not a medical doctor, but still, she started the pink pill for the development of black women. This course is started to teach and empower black women with softer skills. Refer the link for further details and gather for details about pink pill.

What Karazin says about the pink pill?

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The creator says that in the course, she teaches the secrets which help the black women to look inside for the softer skills rather than looking outside for harder skills. She explained the black women to look for the skills, not the color of their body. Softer skills are more critical than the harder skills to survive.

Coverage by the course-:

Pink pill course covers topics like the importance of etiquette, class and decorum, how to deal with conflict peacefully. The course also covers the knowledge of attracting the highest quality of men in social circles and many other topics. It gives education to black women about the things used to be successful in elite social circles. It includes some basic things also like which forkto use for having a formal dinner, and how to select a good wine at a five-star restaurant.

Some Black women think that why they can’t meet high-quality men and other people. This is because people don’t understand specific rules and regulations, and they continue to make mistakes. Many of the times, there is no one to tell them as black women. This course also teaches black women to figure out these kinds of various situations which happen frequently.

Overall, the pink pill course is started for the self-development of black women by Christelyn Karazin. Self-development includes all the essential habits and also all the advance things. It gives confidence to the black women to stand out in society by teaching them to focus on their softer skills rather than looking at their outside looks. It encourages the black women to get their skills out.