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Gzip is a particular technique that is compressing the files and making them a little bit smaller. Compression is providing the smaller file to the server that is improving the user experience or speed of the page. In order to achieve the highest speed of the WordPress site, then it is your responsibility to Enable Gzip Compression in the website. This particular feature will reduce the downtime of the website.  It is automatically reducing the size of the webpage.  It is a relatively great feature that will automatically reduce the size of stylesheets, JavaScript files, and application as well. 

With the help of Compression, you will able to trim down the size of page upto 70% with ease. It is considered as one of the great features in WordPress. Here are 3 important techniques that would be helpful in reducing the size of web pages.

  • Enable GZIP compression

According to professionals, GZIP has become one of the most important servers nowadays.  Lots of browsers will able to handle the Content-encoding GZIP with ease.  If you want to enable the GZIP compression on the official website, then one needs to make the use of free version.  It will able to compress the page by 66.9% and will able to improve the speed of a webpage.

  • Responsive header

If you want to Enable Gzip Compression on the official website, then you have to active HTTP response header in the WordPress website.  By clicking on view large requests, you will able to compress the size of pages in WordPress.

  • Customize GZIP on apache

In order to compress the webpage of the website, then it is your responsibility to edit the htaccess file.

Moving further, these are some important method that will assist you in enabling the GZIP compression on the official website.

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