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How can I lose my weight? The frequent question asked by a person from the doctor. Nowadays, many people are suffering from the problem of excessive gaining of weight. Eating of a lot of junk food is the main cause of increasing weight. Students living in a hostel or paying guest are the main victims of increasing weight. Some people are taking medical pills or other chemicals to reduce the weight, but these are resulting in more fatness of the body of a child. The addiction of food to some children, late-night eating is more reason behind the excessive fatness.

For reducing weight, you can take the following measures-

1. Drink excess water – In order to lose weight, a person should drink plenty of water. Water provides hydration to the body and keeps the body healthy and fit. A person should drink at least ten to twelve glass of water regularly.

2. Eat breakfast daily– To reduce the excessive weight, gained because of the consumption of junk food and street food, a person should eat breakfast daily. The breakfast is the nutritious diet, and it gives the body energy to work whole day and keeps the body healthy and fit. Thus, eating breakfast daily will help to burn the calories of the body.

3. Do exercise daily – Exercise makes a human body healthy and fit. Going to the gym and daily work out in the gym will help the person to lose weight and burn the calories of the person. Instead of going to the doctor or taking any medicines, a person can do exercise daily and reduce the weight. With the exercise, the person will reduce the eating of junk food and will start eating nutritious food and drinking proteins.

Moreover, you can also read some beneficial tips on and many other websites that have been designed to help people suffering from obesity and overweight problems.

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